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…with SystemsLink’s Energy Manager software

Businesses are now expecting their consultants to do more than just find them the best price for their energy – so can your organisation deliver?

Your customers expect you to go further than energy procurement. They want your help with monitoring and managing their consumption, too – and thanks to our Energy Manager software, it’s never been simpler.

Expand your services with Energy Manager

Our intuitive Energy Manager software can help you to boost your current offering, so you can provide your customers with:

  • Monitoring and targeting – via a white-labelled web dashboard you and your customers can monitor all their utilities against targets and limits
  • Comprehensive invoice validation – with over 125 automated and customisable validation checks on all cost and consumption elements
  • Advanced data analytics – as well as simple year-on-year comparisons and performance ranking, you can analyse your customers’ consumption against custom metrics or use degree day normalisation, regression analysis and CUSUM

How do you validate your supplier commission?

Energy Manager gives you direct access to your customers consumption on a Day + 1 basis, direct from the Data collector, AMR provider or supplier. Access a tool that supports easy validation of supplier commission invoices.

Outsource to the experts

When you outsource to SystemsLink you can feel confident you’re partnering with industry experts. We have strong relationships and automated systems set up with suppliers and data collectors, and we’re responsible for validating around 1.5m invoices per annum, with a value of £2bn.

Outsource to a team that has the experience, knowledge and contingency to manage this efficiently and effectively.

If you’re not able to meet all of your customers’ requirements, you could be missing out on substantial revenue. Make sure you can offer your customers more by arranging a demo of SystemsLink software today.

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