Energy Bureau Service

SystemsLink offer a flexible outsourced utility invoice validation solution

  • Creating more time for you
  • Recover the cost of billing errors
  • 24/7 web access to your energy data

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Energy Bureau

Taking away the administrative burden from your organisation and creating more time to focus on key energy management tasks, our experienced Bureau provides a flexible service to help meet your energy goals.  With industry experts utilising in-house software, our outsourced bill validation service saves you time, helps recover utility costs and can be tailored to assist meet your specific requirements.

Working alongside energy and finance departments to ensure a smooth service, we can help streamline payment processes while you still retain full control and visibility over energy data.  The majority of Bureau customers see annual savings that outweigh the service costs as we deliver maximum benefit at highly competitive rates.

We find the bureau service a great complementary asset to our own knowledge and experience, which enhances our team’s service offer to schools and council services.

Phil Keynes Nottinghamshire County Council

Bill Validation

As invoices are loaded into your monitoring and targeting package, Bureau staff will run a number of validation rules over each entry to show where potential billing errors have occurred or energy wastage has happened.  Each failed validator is investigated to ensure invoices are accurate and handled with suppliers where necessary.

Cost Recovery

When potential errors in invoicing occur, our staff will work with your suppliers to find a resolution to the query.  The process can often be difficult and time-consuming, but with dedicated staff we ensure that any money owed back to yourselves is handled swiftly and effectively.

Energy Reporting

Our energy Bureau team are able to tailor a reporting package to your organisation’s requirements.  Whether the focus is on energy wastage, financial reporting or data accuracy we can work with you to make sure the data you need is provided within the timescales you require.

Benefits to your organisation include:

  • More time to focus on core business activities
  • Reassurance that invoices are accurate and data is reliable
  • 24/7 web access to your data on Energy Manager, allowing full transparent access to the status of all invoices
  • Billing errors resolved and costs recovered on your behalf

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