Energy Management Software

The UK’s most sophisticated energy monitoring & targeting software package.

  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Monitor all your utilities
  • Comprehensive bill validation checks
  • View your data online with interactive 3D widgets

Join the hundreds of organisations using SystemsLink to reduce energy consumption & spend.

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Energy Bureau Service

SystemsLink offer a flexible outsourced utility invoice validation solution.

  • Creating more time for you
  • Recover the cost of billing errors
  • Comprehensive bill validation checks
  • 24/7 web access to your energy data

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Cost Effective Energy Management Software

SystemsLink software is designed to provide an extremely cost-effective way of implementing a fully-featured energy monitoring and targeting system. Energy Manager offers a flexible, user-friendly solution that is painless to install and simple to use. Our powerful, market-leading software offers a full suite of tools suitable for all levels of expertise and is suitable for every multi-site organisation wishing to monitor and, therefore, control energy usage.

Independent research has shown that monitoring and targeting the use of utilities can help achieve savings of 5% and 10% of annual costs and potentially 25% through the continued application of these techniques.



All your data is displayed in an easy to use format
Smart Spaces alerts site contacts when potential energy wastage is identified
Powerful energy management tools

Through 20 years of development and customer engagement, Energy Manager is market-leading in both its ease of use and powerful analysis tools.  Regular customer involvement and feedback has helped drive the software to deliver real-world energy solutions.  As well as the fundamentals of a monitoring and targeting system such as EDI loading, league tables and a suite of reports, Energy Manager offers enhanced modules to automate energy savings.