Comprehensive Invoice Validation

Are your utility invoices correct? Mistakes can be made, even through supplier billing systems.

  • Import invoices electronically
  • Quickly spot supplier invoicing errors
  • Comprehensive and automatic bill validation checks

Energy Manager removes the administrative burden of invoice validation.

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Utility Invoice Validation

Are your invoices correct?

Utility invoices can amount to millions of pounds for any organisation. It is important to ensure that what you are paying is correct and that any incorrect supplier invoicing is identified and rectified. Research has shown that on average 3% of your annual utility spend can be invoiced incorrectly – money that rightfully you should claim back.

Our Energy Management solution has a set of robust and easily configurable validation rules that are designed to highlight billing errors as soon as the invoice is entered into the package.

Our Software can import suppliers’ electronic invoices, including CSV, EDI and Excel. Our Software is compatible with the electronic formats of all major suppliers, across Electricity, Gas and Water, you can be confident of seamless entry of Invoice data in a matter of minutes.

We’ve been using Systemslink as the core of our Bureau Service for more than 10 years. We make thorough use of the system from web reporting and detailed profile data analysis, CRC reporting to invoice validation. We find the system flexible, powerful and accurate and the company provide us excellent support.

Andy Morgan, Head of Energy Management Laser Energy

Extensive Validation Library

The software performs over 100 separate validation checks which can be grouped into 3 key categories:

  • Consumption:  Comparison against previous periods, e.g. previous month, or same period in the previous year as well as ensuring concurrent reads where applicable.
  • Supplier Contracts:  Charges specified in contracts with Utility Suppliers.  These contracts can be loaded into the software in bulk.
  • Industry Charges:  Published Charges e.g. DUoS, TNUoS, Triad, for electricity, Transportation for gas, or Water and Sewerage charges as approved by Ofwat or the Water Industry Commission for Scotland.

The software can also produce invoices based on Half Hourly Data and compare these to the actual invoice when it is received.

Query Management System

Once identified, invoice errors can be automatically logged and managed through the inbuilt communication log.  With the ability to email directly to third parties from the package as well as setting reminders, the process of resolving supplier queries is made smoother.

Bureau Service

Often, processing the invoices and identifying potential queries is the easy task. What can take an organisation time is the management of the queries through to conclusion with suppliers and third parties. We offer a flexible utility Bureau service that allows customers to take advantage of our expertise and supplier relationships to create time for staff to focus on energy management.