Cloud Hosting Services

Remove the strain from your IT department and gain easy access to your data from any location. Stored in a secure data centre, your data is regularly backed up and always available.

  • Automatic software updates
  • Hassle free installation & secure regular backups
  • Access your software from anywhere

Remove the IT burden from your organisation by implementing our cloud-based solution.

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Cloud Hosting

We know that customers can have issues with installing software onto their own network.  Our Cloud Hosting Services allow organisations to access their Energy Management software over the internet. Similarly software updates can take time to be scheduled and can also be costly. Our Cloud Hosting Services install all software updates automatically, ensuring that you always have access to the most up to date features and the ability to continue to load invoices from electronic files when suppliers change their formats.

Since SystemsLink provided a hosted service we have had the peace of mind knowing the latest available data has been downloaded, backups are up to date and we are always working with the latest system version. We have a few people accessing Energy Manager in varied locations and we now know for sure that we are all looking at the latest updated files.

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When we host your software it allows our support team to log onto your database directly whilst providing support.  On initial setup we are easily able to transfer your present database from your network to our servers.

Our servers are held in a secure data centre with 24/7 monitoring by specialists, over 150 permanently recording video cameras, safety locks and access to only authorised personnel – your data is always safe and secure.

Industry-leading 300 Gbit/s connectivity allows for no-nonsense, fast transfers at all times. The result is that all your users can access and interact quickly with your database.

Automatic daily backups are taken both onsite and offsite in 2 separate locations, ensuring systems and servers can be reloaded with the latest data in the event of a disaster, accidental error, or system crash

Cloud Hosting

To find out how your organisation can benefit from our Cloud Hosting service call the office on 01234 988 855 or email