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Operational Rating Toolkit

This module is a powerful tool for the production of Display Energy Certificates (DEC) and Advisory Reports. The SystemsLink Operational Rating (OR) Toolkit was one of the first to gain accreditation in August 2008 and our clients are now successfully producing thousands of DECs and Advisory reports each year.  This accreditation allows any approved Energy Assessor to use the software to produce certificates. The facility is fully integrated with the main Energy Manager package and certificates are stored alongside existing energy data for ease of use and audit ability.

For me the best part of the operational toolkit is the way it integrates with all the consumption data we hold for each site. With reliable data gathered for each site, producing DECs year after year becomes a relatively straightforward process. Also, amongst other things, being able to produce a spreadsheet listing the latest DECs for our portfolio makes reporting within our organisation so much easier.

David Powell, Energy Manager Vale of Glamorgan Council

The SystemsLink Operational Rating (OR) Toolkit allows the user multiple benefits over conventional DEC packages:

  • Site, building and project database allowing ease of navigation through existing records, and storage of existing building information allowing second year certificates to be produced easily
  • User profiles can be created storing the certified assessor’s information
  • Visual progress bars showing which sections are completed
  • League tables covering all sites showing DEC grades, ratings and due dates

The package has been designed to make the whole process of producing certificates as easy as possible alongside the standard utility monitoring software.

Display Energy Certificates

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