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Compliance is now an accepted part of day-to-day work for those involved in the energy arena, alongside the invoice validation and utility management tasks of all Energy Managers. Whether it is DECs, SECR, ESOS, ISO 50001 or any other government or industry driven scheme, each of these obligations has to be delivered in accordance with set parameters and timescales. Your organisation may be lucky to be exempt from all energy compliance schemes, however it is likely it will be involved in at least two if not many more.

The Energy Manager software is constantly evolving to ensure that your compliance needs are fully supported across our package. In some cases we have created modules specifically designed for the compliance schemes, whilst still integrated within the main package. This includes our highly commended DEC module which has assisted many customers in submitting their data accurately and on time.

In other instances we have developed the main package so that customers can comply with other schemes, such as ISO50001 and ESOS, as a large amount of the data required already exists in the Energy Manager application.

These are just some of the areas of regulation for which our customers are using our software to maintain full compliance. There are a number of key websites available to offer guidance on the legal compliance of your organisation:

Department of Energy and Climate Change
Environment Agency