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Tenant Billing

The Tenant Billing module allows organisations to apportion costs to tenants, internal departments, or business cost centres. The module is fully integrated with our Monitoring and Targeting package. Invoices, manual reads, or AMR/HH data can be used to produce bills, additionally data from sub meters can be utilised where installed.

The design of the bill can be customised to your organisation’s requirements, so as to remain in line with corporate guidelines, and can be produced as a pdf, and if required automatically emailed to your relevant customers.

I am pleased with the Tenant Billing Module of Systemslink. It allows apportionment of costs within buildings where we have multi-user sites.

David Stutchfield University of St Andrews

The module allows two levels of apportionment to cater for building areas with differing levels of energy intensity to fairly apportion costs e.g. In a University between a classroom and research laboratory.

Financial Export

The Tenant Billing module can interface with your accounts system to ensure that any bills produced are reflected in the accounts system, without having to be manually entered.  This remains in line with the major benefit of the module as a significant administrative saving on a regular monthly task, allowing your organisation to focus on more high value activities.