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Case Study: East Midlands Ambulance Service

SystemsLink provide a fully featured and cost-effective energy management solution.

Software solution steers Ambulance Service in monitoring and measuring energy data

Our story

East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) provides emergency 999 care and telephone clinical assessment services for 4.9 million people.

The Challenge

EMAS didn’t have an effective process in place for monitoring and measuring their energy data. Their goal was to implement a system which allowed close analysis of their energy consumption across the organisation and monitoring it against set targets and budgets.

The Solution

SystemsLink’s Energy Manager solution offers the UK’s most sophisticated energy monitoring and targeting software package for private and public sector organisations alike.

EMAS found the software implementation a smooth and efficient process. Following comprehensive initial training from the SystemsLink team to introduce Energy Manager to their organisation, the EMAS staff was provided with accessible user guides on all elements of the software.

However, the support has not ended there. SystemsLink’s Ongoing Support team has assisted EMAS with any issues, responding and resolving matters in a timely manner.

The Results / Feedback

EMAS is in the early phases of utilising Energy Manager and still developing their processes and reporting as they explore the tool’s capabilities.

So far, EMAS has found the bill validation function of Energy Manager particularly useful. As the ambulance service has many sites, checking utility invoices manually has been challenging and lacked detail.

The software has allowed EMAS to set thresholds to which they can validate their invoices against. Creating bespoke validation error thresholds provides assurance to EMAS that their charges are correct across all sites.

To date, Energy Manager has aided in a significantly improved understanding of their carbon footprint and energy budget. This data will allow targeted interventions for improvements. The ambulance service is also hoping to deliver cost and consumption savings.

Furthermore, the software has enabled the provision of metric-based evidence for business cases and the data has supported their wider Net-Zero targets when applying for funding.

The implementation of Energy Manager was a smooth and efficient process fro EMAS. We received comprehensive initial training, and the SystemsLink Ongoing Support team have been incredibly helpful with any issues we have had.

Cara Turton-Chambers, Head of Sustainability, East Midlands Ambulance Service

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