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Why is water management important?

Water management is crucial for your business and having an effective water management system and strategy in place will help your business become more sustainable.

Water Management Services

SystemsLink can introduce various water management services that can help remove the hassle of managing your water consumption and stay on top of costs. We can help to save your business time and money, giving you access to clear, concise data to reduce your water wastage.

Quick overview of our water services:

  • Monitoring software package

Gain the data and insights you need to make well-informed, strategic decisions about your business’s water usage, with the UK’s leading energy monitoring and targeting software.

We help thousands of organisations in the private and public sectors, who need assistance with data accuracy.

  • Procurement

Did you know that only 13%* of businesses have taken advantage of switching since the water market opened in 2017?

Don’t get left behind- take advantage of the open water market.

Businesses can save up to 25% off their bills, just by switching their water supplier.

  • Forensic cost audit

We find inaccuracies in around 1 in 3 of our clients’ water bills so if you’re not actively validating your water bills, you could be overpaying.

SystemsLink can initiate an audit on your water bills to generate significant refunds and saving opportunities; identify overcharges and recover revenue to boost your cash flow.

On average, an audit can uncover cost savings of around 10-15%!

  • Leak detection

How quickly could your business detect a water leak? Often leaks go unnoticed but can be costly if left. A burst pipe can easily see a loss of 1,500 litres per hour, which would cost as much as £36,000 a year.

SystemsLink can help you to detect and stop leaks quickly, to avoid an expensive bill with our cost-effective AMR solutions.

To find out how we can introduce your organisation – or your client’s – to water management, email us at sales@systems-link.com or call  01234 988855.

Source: Ofwat (Depending on wholesale region)

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