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How data can power your net zero journey

Good quality data is the essential for any business on the path to net zero and by utilising its power, your business can benefit from reducing costs and consumption. But how can you harness your business’ data to make improvements to its energy efficiency?

How to support your clients carbon reporting requirements

Carbon reporting is something many businesses across the UK are required to do to support the UK government’s target of reducing emissions by 78% by 2035 compared to 1990 levels. This is something energy management clients will also need to comply with, but this is a chance for energy managers, to turn what seems like a complex and tedious task into an opportunity to reduce costs and improve their client’s reputation.


The role of data and technology in supporting energy management

Energy management is challenging, especially for consultancies who require a whole host of energy technology solutions. It’s no secret that technology is the future of energy management and continued innovation in energy technology can help us reduce the worlds carbon emissions. But how can consultancies embrace technology to grow their businesses whilst helping their clients with their own energy management challenges?