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How to maximise the value of your energy management software

An effective energy management software is critical to making informed and impactful utility management decisions. When your organisation’s consumption is demonstrated by accurate real-time data, waste, overspending and efficiencies can then be identified and addressed.

Access to an application is one matter, utilising it to your best advantage is another. Here are some pointers on making the most of your energy management software.

How does your software align with your organisation’s sustainability ambitions?

New energy management software can be an agent of change in making your organisation’s sustainability strategy a reality.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to finding the right software and making informed decisions.

  • Does your organisation have an objective to calculate Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions? An energy management software can review this data and monitor and assess progress for each appropriate timescale suited to your business.
  • Is one of your sustainability goals to reduce energy consumption across all work premises in the next 12 months? An efficient management software can assist with comparing and ranking sites according to their performance. Seeing how much energy is used at various sites will help spot any overconsumption and stop any waste.
  • Not only can an energy management software assist in reducing over-expenditure and lowering carbon emissions but demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to creating a positive environmental impact and meeting its net-zero goals. If one of your organisation’s goals is to focus more on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics, energy management software can enhance the carbon reporting required for various ESG disclosures.

What training have you had on your software?

As with any program, you must know how your energy management software works to get the most out of it.  Training gives organisations hands-on experience using software and an opportunity to ask questions about its various features. It’s important to ask the following:

  1. Can all staff members use this software?
    The more colleagues are trained, the less reliant knowledge and deliverables are on individuals, which builds organisational resilience in cases of absence or change of staff.
  2. Do you have refresher training sessions to ensure you’re aware of new updates and best practices?
    Technology develops and software receives updates to ensure it serves its users efficiently. Frequent refresher sessions allow your organisation to stay in the know and make most of the any new features.

When was the last time your system had an update or a health check?

If you have used the same software for years, your business has likely evolved and expanded since. It’s easy to continue using a software in day-to-day work and not take stock of its operability, but it’s important to review whether your current toolkit still serves your organisation’s requirements and ambitions … Has the system evolved to cater to your new goals, business needs or industry legislative changes? Regular maintenance of your software will help protect your data quality.

What about interoperability?

Is your software fully integrated with other internal systems? As your business grows, knowing how your energy management software can integrate with other internal systems and facilities will improve overall efficiency in other areas of your business. This helps to make utility management a seamless part of your business operations and reporting.

How can SystemsLink experts help?

SystemsLink experts have plenty of insights on how to unlock your energy management software’s full potential. Learn how to get the most from your Web Portal here.

Unsure about your utility management solution?  Our Implementation Project Management (IPM) Team can carry out a GAP Analysis and review your current system. Please contact sales@systems-link.com or call 01234 988 855.


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