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Energy Invoice Validation: Why a PDF Data Extraction Tool is indispensable

Sector and size aside, energy is critical to an organisation’s daily operations. Beyond consumption and cost considerations, effective energy management is a cornerstone of decarbonisation.  

In many organisations energy management is often the responsibility of a small team or one person. Therefore, external support is in demand. 

Invoices are often an inseparable element of an energy consultant’s day. Not only does the data in them allow you to track a client’s consumption, but pinpoint and rectify errors and inefficiencies. 

Furthermore, energy invoice validation services are a common example where clients can realise the benefits of appointing an expert to support their energy management needs in their daily workload.  

Energy invoice validation means a continuous feed of invoices from different suppliers. The larger the portfolio, the more invoices there are to process as you act as a conduit between your client and their supplier. 

Utility bills are complex. Manual input to your energy management software is laborious and can lead to mistakes as you monotonously process invoices one after another. 

Furthermore, time is a precious resource. Instead of keying in and scanning invoices, your client can focus on their role and realise the benefits of appointing a consultancy service to support their utility management needs. 

A PDF parser, also known as a PDF scraper, PDF translator or PDF converter, extracts data from a PDF file. This process is sometimes referred to as “parse” a PDF or “translate” a PDF. This software is used across various industries to extract invoice data, as well as draw out other types of data like dates and contact information. 

This PDF translation tool can also be used to extract data from energy invoices. SystemLink’s PDF Auto tool converts PDF files into a standard format, ready for import into your invoice validation software.  

An invoice from any supplier can be dragged and dropped into this cloud-based tool. The information on the PDF is then identified and matched to the correct supplier’s template before converting it. This data extraction from PDF invoices removes the need for manual invoice entry. 

Processing one invoice takes less than a second. With a 95% process rate, this tool allows you to extract invoice data from a PDF quickly and accurately in just a few clicks. 

As a consultant, more accurate and efficient invoice data extraction allows you to reduce your cost to serve and support your clients with effective energy invoice validation.  

All this saves time, and money and improves accuracy. Furthermore, the benefits of an efficient invoice data process carry a ripple effect to consultants and clients alike.  

Would you like to see PDF Auto in action? The SystemsLink team would be happy to demonstrate the software to you. Please contact us at sales@systems-link.com 


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