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Energy Management Software: Built with you in mind

Whether you’re a Consultant looking to provide your clients with the best energy management software or you’re an energy manager that wants the best tools to analyse and report on consumption, the usability and functionality of any energy management software is key.

SystemsLink’s ‘Energy Manager’ software is built with the user in mind; our customers are always at the forefront of what we do, and we regularly receive feedback that Energy Manager is much faster and easier to use that other Energy Management software.

Our software is continuously being enhanced in order to meet industry changes such as SECR and customers evolving requirements, so that our clients have a complete end-to-end solution.

With the UK’s Net Zero 2050 commitment, customers approach to energy management is shifting, and with it so are their requirements. By creating software that welcomes user input, SystemsLink’s Energy Manager is user friendly, logical, easy to navigate, as well as comprehensive – 500,000 meters in the UK utilising our platform is testament to this.

All utilities can be monitored and analysed through Energy Manager, allowing for easy identification of waste. Energy Manager is not limited to the standard utilities, it enables monitoring of Solar, LPG, Waste; or any stream of data – the software provides complete versatility. By accurately identifying excess usage, significant savings can also be made, and CO2 emissions reduced. Independent research has shown that by monitoring and targeting the use of utilities, businesses can easily achieve cost savings of between 5% and 10% annually.

Energy Manager provides a library of standard reporting templates to utilise; whilst many customers find this sufficient, the software also gives you the freedom to create your very own custom reports, to ensure the needs of you and your customers can be conveniently met. This flexibility is crucial within our energy management software, as it empowers you to deliver diverse reporting based on your particular requirements and the direction within your organisation. By providing you the tools to create your own reports you avoid any external development costs that a software provider may ordinarily have charged you. Similarly, with no hidden confusing algorithms, the data can be interpreted and supported with your own knowledge. Energy related compliance, regulation and legislation will affect most UK organisations in some way. Energy Manager can help alleviate the issues surrounding this by providing you with all the data you need, all in one place.

Energy Manager is owned and maintained by SystemsLink, which means any support you need is provided by us. With over 20 years of experience and knowledge behind us, we have the most used energy software in the UK. Our software is an intuitive system that enables its users to collect, import or input data, as well as integrate with other software such as BEMS. SystemsLink also provides a Data Automation service; your customers consumption data can be automatically populated into the software direct from the Data Collector or AMR provider. Once populated Energy Manager provides the tools to easily validate, analyse and manipulate large amounts of utility data.

Start using Energy Manager today and accelerate the growth of your business, through product expansion, increased sales & retention or by professionalising your existing product delivery.

If you would like to discover more about Energy Manager, simply get in touch or email us on sales@systems-link.com.

Or alternatively, if you would us to show you how great we think our software is and put words into actions, simply arrange a demo here.


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