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Why energy monitoring and management is so important

Keeping tabs on your energy monitoring and management and being able to optimise your energy consumption is paramount for any successful business. With energy prices rising, it is vital to stay on top of it, so you are not overcharged or blindsided by how much energy you’re using.

A lot of businesses already have a system in place however there are so many that still don’t. There are many reasons why they’re important, such as  achieving our net zero goal by 2050 and to help reduce expenditure. Here’s why businesses should embrace energy monitoring and management:

Identifying and rectifying any issues

Sometimes equipment can start to perform inefficiently within a business, and this can increase the overall energy consumption. The Carbon Trust Report found that 20% of all business’ annual energy costs are wasted through inefficient equipment.  An energy monitoring and management system can help identify issues with equipment performance and energy output, which can help recognise when it isn’t operating effectively and efficiently.

Measuring consumption accurately

To reduce your energy consumption and work towards achieving net zero, it is essential to first accurately measure the consumption. Most billing from suppliers only show the total cost of what has been used, but not where it has come from.

Bills also only show the total cost and total usage, but details on where a business is using energy is not shown, this is where you may find that your energy costs have drastically increased from previous months. However, an energy monitoring system would be able to show this for you.

Real-time energy data

Energy monitoring and management systems enable you to assess your energy consumption in real-time using a data automation service to make the most of your usage. It is important to obtain accurate consumption data quickly to identify any issues and equipment faults.

Reducing carbon emissions

Energy monitoring and management, when done effectively can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of a business. Mass amounts of carbon emissions from high polluting organisations contribute to drastic changes with climate change. Taking steps to reduce emissions will have a very positive effect on the environment.

SDGME, is a personal action tracker that allows users to record carbon saving actions and reduce carbon footprint.

The benefits of effective energy monitoring and management:

  • Reduces your businesses carbon footprint
  • Saves energy consumption costs
  • Measures results effectively
  • Improves facility performance
  • Identifies peak usage times and excessive consumption

Our experts at SystemsLink specialise in helping support your businesses’ energy monitoring needs with our Energy Management Software (EMS).

Get in touch to find out more by contacting us on 01234 988855 or email us on sales@systems-link.com.


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