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Transforming Fidelity Energy’s Customer Services with SystemsLink’s Energy Manager Solution

SystemsLink has provided Fidelity Energy with a fully featured and cost-effective Energy Management Solution. Read the full case study below.

Who is Fidelity Energy?

Fidelity Energy Limited is a well-established UK-based energy consultancy that manages a significant energy spend of £545 million. With a broad customer base of over 5,000 active clients and over 14,000 meters under their management, Fidelity Energy focuses on helping customers optimize energy contracts, reduce energy consumption, lower carbon footprints, and ensure accurate billing.

They sought to enhance their customer services by leveraging technology to deliver more comprehensive bill validation services. Additionally, they aimed to provide their customers with access to an online portal that would enable them to monitor their energy usage, costs, and carbon emissions.

How was SystemsLink able to help Fidelity?

Once assigned a dedicated implementation Project Manager, SystemsLink worked on a proven implementation methodology, guiding Fidelity Energy from project initiation to the go-live phase. They followed a clear, 5 stage-structured plan with defined expectations and milestones.

Collaborating closely with Fidelity Energy, SystemsLink understood each user’s specific needs through comprehensive team interviews, leveraging their industry experience to navigate challenges and provide valuable guidance. Throughout the process, there was constant support, feedback, and open communication ensuring Fidelity Energy’s active involvement.

SystemsLink impressed Fidelity Energy by smoothly executing data migration and handling various file types and requirements. Their explanation of the workflow purpose and communication during interviews and analysis sessions were seamless.

Fidelity Energy praised the comprehensive training delivered by SystemsLink’s experts who demonstrated a deep understanding of the subject matter. The training materials provided were helpful, and questions were effectively addressed.

During the user testing phase, SystemsLink provided timely and responsive support, addressing any issues promptly. Fidelity Energy found the user testing script easy to understand and appreciated the ongoing support.

In the go-live phase, Fidelity Energy felt well-prepared and supported by SystemsLink. The support calls helped to ensure a smooth transition to using Energy Manager effectively. Fidelity Energy commended SystemsLink for efficiently handling priority customers and offering valuable catch-up sessions to address concerns.

Feedback from Fidelity Energy

From the overall experience, Fidelity Energy expressed initial apprehension but ultimately praised SystemsLink for their exceptional support and communication. The level of support surpassed expectations, and Fidelity Energy valued the seamless handling of the project.

In conclusion, Fidelity Energy’s partnership with SystemsLink and successful implementation of Energy Manager demonstrated the positive impact of technology-driven solutions in the energy consultancy sector. The project not only met but also exceeded the client’s expectations, providing valuable insights and paving the way for enhanced customer offerings.

SystemsLink provides the UK’s most sophisticated energy monitoring & targeting software package. Join the hundreds of organisations using SystemsLink to reduce energy consumption & spend.

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