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Why is water management so important?

Water management is often the most overlooked utility, however it is so important to manage your consumption accurately and reduce your carbon footprint where possible.

What is water management?

Water management is the control and operation of water resources to reduce consumption and promote efficiency, making sure everything is running smoothly.

If you have a strategic water management system in place for your business, this will help to keep costs down, reduce usage and save the planet’s water resources. If business’s focus more on reducing water usage, there is greater opportunity to discover benefits in other untapped areas.

Water facts:

  • 14% of water meters have not been read in more than a year
  • Only 13% of business’s have taken advantage of switching since the market opened
  • A burst pipe losing 1,500 litres per hour could cost £36,000, if left undetected
  • We find inaccuracies in around 1 in 3 of our clients’ water bills
  • On average, a water audit can uncover cost savings of around 10-15% on your annual spend

Why is it important?

According to WaterAid, 771 million people around the world still don’t have access to water close to home, which is equivalent to 1 in 10 people. The more our climate changes adversely, the more this becomes a problem as more frequent flooding pollutes accessible water sources and droughts can dry up springs.

Good water management helps to reduce consumption and wastage which is becoming more relevant in line with climate change impacts. Communities, organisations, and individuals all have a responsibility to manage their water use to help create better irrigation control, cuts costs and wasted resources.

How does water management relate to your business?

Water management is essential if your business wants to implement conscious, positive changes towards climate change. It is important for your business to understand it’s water footprint, set a reduction target and work to achieve it, and to encourage your supply chain and clients to do the same.

Having a clearly outlined water management strategy and system in place boosts efficiency within your organisation, as you will be able to identify and react quickly to water leaks. This, in turn, ensures you’re not overpaying on your bills. An effective water management software system will give you the data you need to reduce any wastage and improve your overall footprint, enabling your business to become more sustainable.

How can SystemsLink help?

Collecting and analysing your utilities data is key to ensuring you aren’t paying more for your water than you need to be. Our utilities monitoring software can help any business to identify and select areas of unusually high-water consumption. The software can efficiently resolve small issues before they become a serious concern.

We can further support by introducing a 30min data logging solution for water intensive customers, and a daily or weekly read option for those wanting to ensure any excess use, or leaks are picked up promptly.

Get in touch with our experts

We can help support your business across all utilities to become more sustainable, saving you time and money in the long-term. You can arrange a demo of our Energy Management Software to find out how we can assist your organisation. Alternatively, you can call us on 01234 988855.

Source: Ofwat 


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