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Water leak detection could save your business thousands

Water leak detection can help businesses solve issues with burst and leaking water pipes that lead to wastage and unnecessary increased costs. However, many businesses don’t prioritise their water consumption and management over other utilities such as energy.

So, why should businesses be focusing more on their water wastage and how can they benefit?

What is water leak detection?

Water leak detection is a method where the existence of a leak within an underground water system is determined. Many businesses, especially large users, already have a monitoring system in place to alert them of consumption spikes so they can repair leaks and burst pipes quickly. But for those who don’t, water leaks could potentially incur thousands of pounds in bills unnecessarily. A burst pipe losing around 1,500 litres per hour could easily cost £41,000 if left undetected.

How to identify water leaks

There are several ways of identifying water leaks in a system even if there is little to no visible access.

  • A profile alerts service analyses this information from the data loggers. When any unusual consumption is detected, an alert is created so a site detection programme can commence to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
  • Thermal imaging can show heatmaps of a space, for example, behind a wall and easily shows if a hot water pipe is leaking.
  • Cameras can be inserted into pipes through voids and travel the length to capture images of the source of the leak.
  • Moisture mapping is another technique used where higher levels of moisture can be detected in the air or in walls to trace a path to a leak.
  • Sound can also be used to detect leaks through acoustic surveys where microphones can detect sounds from a leak that may not be able to be heard to the human ear.
  • Tracer gas is a food grade gas that is passed through the heating system that can be picked up by defined detectors when it encounters a leak.
  • Data loggers can be fitted to the main water meter(s) to capture water usage every 30 minutes to fully understand usage

Benefits of utilising water leak detection solutions

Water leak detection has many benefits amongst saving your business thousands in unnecessary water charges.

  • Improve operational efficiency throughout your business
  • Lowering operational costs of your water system
  • For businesses in the food industry for example, fixing leaks can reduce the risk of contamination
  • Extending the life of your facilities and maintenance through fixing water leaks can also support the potential for further damage in the future
  • Mitigate potential water outages from unexpected burst pipes

How can SystemsLink help?

Collecting and analysing your utilities data is key to ensuring you aren’t paying more for you water consumption than you need to be. Our experts can help you better manage and optimise your water consumption through our Energy Manager software. Our intuitive system allows you to monitor all your utilities and helps to identify any areas where you may be spending more than you should on your water usage. We can further support with our 30 min data logging solution for water intensive customers, and a daily or weekly read option for those wanting to ensure any excess use or leaks are picked up promptly.


Learn more about how our Energy Management Software can help you with reducing water costs and get in touch with our experts today at sales@systems-link.com.


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