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Staff Spotlight- Operations Director, David King

SystemsLink Staff Spotlight: Operations Director

The next employee to feature in our Staff Spotlight series is our Operations Director – David King.

David has an incredibly significant role at SystemsLink overseeing all operations to ensure customer needs are not just met but exceeded.

We pride ourselves on developing the UK’s leading energy software that plays such a pivotal part in so many organisations’ energy management strategy. Therefore, it is essential it’s fully always functioning and up to date.

Continue reading to find out what inspired David to pursue the career he has today, what’s the best lesson he’s learned so far and what he most likes about his job.


What does your role involve?

My role consists of managing the day-to-day activities of the analysts, development, and test teams, ensuring customer requirements are satisfied, while enhancements are made to our software to make sure it is easy to use, high-performing and delivers the utmost value to our customers.

How long have you worked for SystemsLink?

I’ve worked for SystemsLink for two years and before that I worked for local government for six years in various Head of Technology & IT operation roles.
Before that I worked for a world leading international fine paper merchant and distributor, with responsibilities in optimisation, training and Implementation Project Management; so over the last three decades my core skillsets and experience have been in fully adopting business systems to ensure project success.

What inspired you to pursue the career you have today?

Originally in sales, I joined a project to design a new ERP system… 27 years later and I am still working and loving the IT world.

What’s the best career lesson you’ve learned so far?

Give praise often. Let your team know when they have done something well.

What do you like most about your job?

Each day can be different with new challenges and goals to meet. I know I have a talented team that will meet those goals with me.

What has been your favourite project at SystemsLink?

So many to choose from to be honest as delivering on any customer project always give me a buzz. The most exciting one will be out in Q2 this year, you can guess then which it is!

What are the challenges you’ve faced in the industry?

What makes the industry so interesting and challenging is the constant changes from legislation and suppliers- it certainly keeps us all busy.

And finally, if you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Teleportation - I love to travel. I’d be able visit so many more cool places for a cocktail at sunset.

A big thank you to David for sharing insights into his role here at SystemsLink. It’s our goal to make sure customers are getting the very most out of their software and David and his team are doing a fantastic job to make sure it’s delivering what we promise and to the highest standards.

If you are a customer of ours and have any support queries, please email: support@systems-link.zendesk.

And if there is something you need your software to do to make your energy management easier or more efficient that isn’t currently available, feel free to drop us a message. We are software specialists which means we’re file type, supplier and data collector agnostic. We can work with anyone and everyone, connecting to all types of systems and we’re open to building all levels of integrations.

Stay tuned for another Staff Spotlight!


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