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SystemsLink Staff Spotlight: Anna McWilliams

SystemsLink Staff Spotlight: Implementation Project Manager

Here at SystemsLink, our people lie at the heart of everything we do. It’s because of our hardworking team, that clients receive the highest level of support and an unparalleled, expert service.

So we thought it was about time to let you in behind the scenes, and learn more about our amazing staff and what their roles really entail.

You may have spoken to or met some of them already- others may be a friendly new face to get to know. But either way, we’d like to show our appreciation by shining the spotlight brightly on them, and their roles.

And we’re kicking off our Staff Spotlight series with our talented Implementation Project Manager; meet Anna McWilliams.

Name:  Anna McWilliams

Job Title: Implementation Project Manager (IPM)

What does your role involve?

IPM manage the implementation of our software, web portal and web applications with our clients so they can successfully set up and operate the system long term.

It includes conducting Project Requirements Analysis (PRA), data design and migration, workflow analysis and tailored training. As well as providing support pre, during and post implementation.

How long have you worked for SystemsLink?

Exactly 1 year.

What inspired you to pursue the career you have today?

I’m from FMCG/manufacturing and process management was my original goal.

However, a bad situation (Covid-19) turned into me finding a career I can honestly say I absolutely love.

What continues to drive me to pursue this career is the variety and I’m rarely bored in my role- it’s project management and process and data design/maintenance.

Also, I’m client facing but I get exposure to more technical elements…there are challenges but it just drives me more to continue to learn and develop!

What’s the best career lesson you’ve learned so far?

Never succumb to the ‘blame game’ when things don’t go to plan.
Find solutions, collaboratively reflect on any lessons learned and move forward- it’s more effective and productive.

What has been your favourite project at SystemsLink or what’s the most exciting things you’ve worked on?

My favourite project is the initial roll out of our Unify platform to our TPI clients- it was the first project I managed at SystemsLink so it’s more sentimental.

The most exciting project is one that I am currently working; it is a long-term project implementing the majority of what we offer to the full company so it’s exciting!

What are the challenges you’ve faced in the industry?

Probably the concept of ‘IPM’ and what we offer in terms of system implementation is a bit of a new concept in the space we’re in.

People think I’m a traditional Project Manager or a consultant and whilst there’s elements of this in my role, I’m ultimately here to manage and support our client’s system implementation to ensure they are happy and can utilise the full benefits of our software in the long term.

And finally, if you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Time-travel; I think we could all use a couple of extra hours in the day.

A big thank you to Anna for sharing some interesting facts about herself and her role; we hope you found it insightful.

You can connect with Anna via LinkedIn or if you have any questions, please feel free to email her directly at anna.mcwilliams@systems-link.com.

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Stay tuned for the next instalment of SystemsLink’s Staff Spotlight series.


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