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SystemsLink's Commercial Director- Alan Fordham

SystemsLink Staff Spotlight: Commercial Director

Next up in our Staff Spotlight series is our esteemed Commercial Director- Alan Fordham.

The impact he has made on SystemsLink’s growth since joining has been pivotal, and we couldn’t be happier to have him on-board.

We sat down with Alan to learn more about the man who is driving our sales and innovation…


What does your role involve?

I am responsible for SystemsLink’s sales strategy and ensuring we have a competitive proposition for TPI’s and direct energy users.

I am also involved in the development of new software tools and services, which enables me to ensure we’re developing the right tools that the market requires.

How long have you worked for SystemsLink?

2.5 years

What inspired you to pursue the career you have today?

I have to admit, I fell into energy by accident, when I started working for Eastern Electricity back in 1998.
The industry has changed so much and offered so many different opportunities, hence why I’ve never wanted to leave.
More recently I’m personally motivated to promote sustainability and a net zero carbon future, so being involved in energy is a great place to be.

What’s the best career lesson you’ve learned so far?

I am lucky enough to have worked alongside some excellent and inspiring leaders during my career. One thing I firmly believe, is that it’s important to find a way to enjoy your work.
My work is much more than just a job to me, and I am grateful for that – it’s a long time to spend doing something you don’t like and we all perform better when we’re passionate about what we’re doing.

What has been your favourite project at SystemsLink?

Since I joined in 2019 we have onboarded many consultants/brokers, both small and large – working with them and seeing them grow is always satisfying.
More recently, developing so many new tools in our new Unify platform has been made it a very interesting place to be – the latest one PDF Auto is a reaction to a lot of our existing customers’ requests, so we’re very excited to release this one.

What are the challenges you’ve faced in the industry?

I am not sure if it’s this industry, or just me personally, but there is always so much to do! I like the fast pace and working under pressure, but balancing this with life outside of work can be challenging, particularly since I became a dad a year ago.

And finally, if you could have a superpower, what would it be?

OK, so I stole this from my wife… but the power to be able to see something done once and then be able to remember it and do it perfectly yourself.
Imagine all the things you could do and achieve. Though I’d probably waste that gift on being a great footballer…

Thank you once again to Alan for giving us a rare insight into his role; we hope you’re enjoying learning more about the people behind SystemsLink.

You can connect with Alan on LinkedIn or if you’re interested in a free demo of any of our software apps, please feel free to email him via alan.fordham@systems-link.com.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next team member being featured in our Staff Spotlight series.


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