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SystemsLink launches UNIFY application demo videos

We have recently launched a range of new demo videos for our UNIFY hub.

Our UNIFY is a hub of applications for energy management, procurement, and accounting needs. Bringing together solutions for a wide variety of day-to-day challenges within the energy sector, for both end users as well as energy brokers and their clients.

Each application in our UNIFY hub now has its own free demo video which you can view for free by registering your details. Here’s a comprehensive list of the demo videos available to watch.

  • Budgets
  • Carbon intensity report
  • Document store
  • Energy manager
  • ICON
  • Instant insights
  • Introducing UNIFY
  • Market eye
  • PDF auto
  • Pricecast
  • SDGme

Alan Fordham, Commercial Director at SystemsLink commented: “We’re excited to launch our free demo videos for all our UNIFY apps to further help energy managers take control of their energy. These videos will demonstrate how effective each app can be in managing an energy strategy and show exactly how impactful our services can be”.

A SystemsLink client, Operations Director for DB Group, Rebecca Thomson also said: “Energy Manager has allowed us to move away from a more manual process with multiple data sources to a more automated solution with a robust and secure source of data. In utilising Energy Manager, we can validate rates, consumption, taxes and exemptions more accurately and efficiently.”

To watch a free demo of Energy Manager and the rest of the apps to see how they can benefit your business, click here.


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