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Monitoring and Targeting: What are the benefits?

Energy monitoring and targeting are vital for any business working to achieve both emission and cost reductions. Many businesses already have monitoring and targeting in place, but are they receiving the full benefit?

Here we look at the benefits of monitoring and targeting for businesses.

What are energy monitoring and targeting?

Monitoring and targeting are part of an energy management technique, where information such as asset/plant operation, energy/water/waste, occupancy, and location are analysed to identify areas where carbon reductions can be made.

It involves establishing an existing pattern of energy consumption as a baseline before an energy audit can take place. From there the information gathered can be used to set out targets, identify trends and implement any energy reductions.

Monitoring and targeting benefits

An energy monitoring and targeting system, such as SystemLink’s Energy Management Software, can help your business to:

  • Accurately measure energy usage with an equipment-level view
  • Identify any areas of excess consumption
  • Measure energy consumption 24/7
  • Quantify any energy savings achieved from reductions
  • Increase the effectiveness of your energy audits
  • Reduce your businesses energy and carbon emissions
  • Identify peak usage times as it occurs
  • Improved data to justify the capital investment
  • Meet ISO 50001 compliance
  • Extend equipment life expectancy

Five steps of energy monitoring and targeting

  1. Identify where energy is consumed and record consumption at site level
  2. Analyse data to highlight consumption trends and influencing variables
  3. Develop energy baselines
  4. Set emissions reduction targets
  5. Continuous energy monitoring

Energy monitoring and management is a fundamental part of a business’ energy strategy and can help to understand how consumption can be improved. When carried out effectively, it can give your business the opportunity to generate large savings without capital investment.

We can provide support for all aspects of the software, from the initial set-up & data migration, to tailored training and workflow analysis, to ensure you have an optimal Energy Management system in a short amount of time.

Learn more about how our Energy Management Software can help you to reach net zero and get in touch with our experts today at sales@systems-link.com.


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