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Inverclyde council

Case Study: Inverclyde Council

SystemsLink has provided Inverclyde Council with a complete and cost-effective energy management solution, which allows the council to identify waste and overspend and track their savings.

Our Story

The Inverclyde Council provides vital public services at Greenock, Gourock, Inverkip, Kilmacolm, Port Glasgow, Quarriers Village and Wemyss Bay.

The Council is currently on a journey to reach Net-Zero by 2045. Effective energy management is one of the building blocks of decarbonisation, as it allows an organisation to set a starting point and ambitious but achievable milestones on their way towards net-zero.

SystemsLink’s Energy Manager software and web portal are supporting the Council’s ambitions with accurate, comprehensive, and current utility data.

The Challenge

Before they were introduced to SystemsLink’s Energy Manager software and web portal, the Council team had to enter data onto numerous spreadsheets. Maintaining this data was difficult as it took a substantial amount of time, and finding invoices from paper copies was a laborious task.

The Solution

With limitless logins available, the SystemsLink web portal is an excellent medium for the Council team to view their utility data stored within Energy Manager. The portal is simple to use, enabling easy access to all invoices and allows you to add direct meter reads. The dashboard gives an ‘at a glance’-view of data consumption and this information can be tailored to a user’s requirements.

The portal allows users to find answers to their queries faster, along with providing the Council with a complete database for their meters, Meter Point Administration (MPAN) and account numbers.

The straightforward training guide SystemsLink provided showed the Council’s team the easiest ways to navigate the web portal, with their data portrayed in a clear, dynamic, and interactive way.

I was someone who had to enter data on spreadsheets before the implementation of Energy Manager, so it’s been a godsend. The system is fast when running reports and pulling back our data. It’s just fantastic to have all information accessible in one place at the touch of a button.

Linda Crighton, Energy and Climate Change Support Officer, Inverclyde Council

The Results

The web portal has served a key role for the Council’s Energy & Climate Change Team to raise awareness on energy matters widely across the organisation. The team can now utilise the information available through the portal to make suggestions for improvements and swiftly communicate energy consumption.

The Finance department has benefited from web portal access the most as they can now monitor specific groups with ease. This allows them to spot any anomalies and trends and rectify errors before invoices are paid. For example, the SystemsLink software allows the Council’s finance team to effortlessly export journal charges and apply them to different sites. When their utility bill gets paid, the amount goes to one ‘control’ ledger code from which each site gets charged.

In the past, the Council team would’ve had to use the VLOOKUP function on Excel to find each site’s code to recharge them. With SystemsLink, the information is all in one place and the Council team can export the ledger codes directly in one step.

Energy Manager software also allows the Council to easily group their buildings and update groups in bulk.

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