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Case Study: Box Power


Box Power is an energy brokerage that offers a variety of services to businesses across various industry sectors, including several leading national retailers. They manage around 5,000 meters for their customers, and they provide wider support with bureau services (such as bill validation and energy reporting) for many of these businesses. A number of their customers have complex portfolios, with sites regularly being bought or sold, which meant that their team was always very busy.

With thousands of bills to be checked every month, and every customer expecting their energy reports to be tailored to their own unique reporting needs, Box Power needed a software solution that could enable them to continue to provide their customers with an excellent service.


Our solution                                                

SystemsLink’s experts worked with Box Power to determine how we could help them to streamline the way they deliver bureau services for their customers and take the admin burden away from their in-house team.

Our Energy Manager software gives them a robust solution that covered all of their needs. Its bill validation function can comprehensively check customer bills within a matter of minutes, for example, which gives Box Power’s team more time to provide their customers with the personal service they pride themselves on.

Energy Manager also enables Box Power to provide their customers with a wide range of energy reports, from site or group level reports for a useful overview of their entire portfolio to more granular half-hourly reports from individual meters. Box Power can customise these reports to their customers’ bespoke requirements, so they can turn each customer’s raw data into valuable insights. This makes it far easier for customers to comply with their energy reporting obligations and make well-informed energy decisions.

Importantly, our software is also extremely intuitive and easy to use, so it didn’t take long for Box Power team to be fully trained in how to make the most of the system.


The results

Box Power has been using SystemLink’s software since 2014, and the team are extremely happy with the system. Here’s what Corin Dalby, Box Power’s founder and CEO, has to say about SystemsLink:

“Having moved from our previous M&T provider, which was cumbersome and not easy to work with or amend as we went, we have the pleasure of partnering with SystemsLink.”

“SystemsLink’s solution allows us to provide a professional and comprehensive service so that we can maintain longstanding relationships with our customers.”

“We would have no hesitation in recommending SystemsLink to any energy consultancy looking to boost the service it offers to its customers, or indeed any business needing to tightly control manage and understand their multi-site energy usages and costs.”


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