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Are you ready for CRC?

It’s the legislation that refuses to quit (until 2019 at least). CRC submissions are due in by July 31st, meaning that organisations up and down the country are busy collating their energy data to ensure that timescales are met and accuracy is attained. Are you worried that your organisation isn’t as prepared as you would like to be? Read below some of our tips to ensure that by using Energy Manager, your CRC submission goes as smoothly as possible to allow you to get on with your energy management tasks:

Leave plenty of time

Aside from some quarterly invoices, all billing and profile data should now be available to cover up to March 31st. Anticipate the worst; gaps in data you didn’t realise, chasing for backdated readings, portfolio churn. Make sure there is time to rectify the unforeseen.

Log your data in Energy Manager

Utilise all the information you have access to. Invoices, profile data, meter reads, supplier statements; they can all be fed into Energy Manager.

Use the CRC module

Energy Manager comes with an inbuilt CRC module – for free! With the ability to utilise the data already in your Energy Manager system, create your CRC reports with the tools that are at your fingertips.

Backfill data

Once you have your CRC report out of Energy Manager, you can start to see where any gaps may have occurred in the reporting period. Don’t panic! Just because it isn’t there now, it doesn’t mean you can’t get hold of the information. Try contacting your supplier if an invoice is missing, or accessing Data Collector online portals to ensure all the profile data is present.

Supplier Statements

Often seen as a last resort for some customers, supplier statements can be used when there are periods that can’t be accounted for within your energy records.

If any of the above have passed you by this year, don’t worry, they can always be put into practice for next year. Make sure you are getting the most out of your Energy Manager package and start using the CRC module today.


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