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Keep Your Cool This Summer

It’s fast approaching that awkward time of year that we in Britain refer to as summer. Warm? Sometimes. Rain? Almost certain. Heat? We can only hope. But when the sun comes out it invariably leads to chaos in the workplace. The office environment, for eleven months of the year, is setup for mediocrity. Not too hot, not too cold, just right.

So when we get graced by the short period of the sun greeting us from the doors being opened to the last person turning off the lights in the early evening, the office temperature is suddenly a big deal. Air conditioning units get switched on as workers try to remember the ideal setting that they last used when the temperature managed to get into the 30’s. Some won’t have the luxury of modern air conditioning and instead be reaching for the desktop fans, hoping the breeze will help keep the air cool until home time.

As much as these are often a necessity to enable staff to carry on working, each device bring with it the additional alarm bell for an energy manager. Entrusted with keeping their portfolio in check, there is a reliance on the individuals to remember to turn off the air conditioning at night, not leave the fans running when they go home. Often these tasks can be overlooked, and the energy consumption all adds up overnight. A nice cold office in the morning perhaps, but an energy bill to send shivers down the spine.

How can these issues be identified? Using the unique monitoring and targeting tools built into energy manager, there are some quick and easy ways to ensure that problems are picked up and the staff can be notified without the problem persisting. Smart Spaces uses a set of intuitive rules that can be defined by the user to create alarms when usage is higher than anticipated. Those on site can be notified of the issues when alarms are triggered, asked to rectify the problem and all without any intervention from the main user of the Energy Manager software.

Energy wastage will always occur, but as long as the right tools are in place to capture the problem and find a solution without the problem continuing, then it can be kept to a minimum. Let Energy Manager ease the burden in finding the problem.


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