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Case Study: University of Reading

Keeping Energy Usage in Check

With the help of SystemsLink’s market leading software the University of Reading is able to easily monitor and therefore control energy consumption across their growing campus.

Frequently when corresponding with SystemsLink customers we find that the Energy Manager software is used in a multitude of ways with a wide array of results. Often the core elements remain the same; processing of invoice data from suppliers and handling Half Hourly data. It is what these data streams can achieve that can add benefit to organisations.

For Jo Burton, Energy Analyst at the University of Reading, it is our Smart Spaces module which has benefited her job role significantly. “We have ISO 50001 and the data monitoring and targeting requirements of that are mostly done through Energy Manager” explains Jo. “The two sides of that are measuring savings from investment projects, which I verify using data downloaded from Energy Manager, and the day-to-day monitoring of energy which we do through batch validation and Smart Spaces.”

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